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Curriculum Vitae                Mr Luis Lozano     -                 Artist




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Art education             

Self taught artist with initial training from the Veteran’s charity Combat Stress.

GCE ‘O’ Level Art (1985).





Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

 Exhibition                             The windowed sky

                                                Bromley Library 


                                           26th July - 5th August  2016  


                                              Birchington Exhibition

                                                   Birchington Library

                                            March 2016 – April 2016


                                                             Brother Sister

                                                          Sassoon Gallery


                                              5th April – 3rd May 2015


                                                                    Me & You

                                                              Hythe Library


                                             19th Jan – 13th Feb 2015


                                                 Magnetic cynical love

                                                       Herne Bay Library

                                                     2nd – 27th June 2014

                                                                    Herne Bay


Colouring book

3-26th April 2014

Peter Blake Gallery





Solo exhibition

1st December 2013 – 31 January 2014

Romney and Hythe Culture centre

Lydd Library, Lydd, Kent



Solo exhibition

3rd January – 30th January 2014

The Grind Coffee House

Maidstone, Kent



Through The Looking Glass

Solo exhibition

1st – 30th December 2013

4-6 Rose Yard , Maidstone


Echoes of Flesh

3rd – 26th September 2013

Solo exhibition

County Hall, Maidstone, Kent

The Beaney Gallery


March 2016


The way ahead

St Pancras Hospital

14 August – 22 October 2015


Armed Forces Art Society

The Mall Galleries

14th July 2015


MVAN Group exhibition

2nd November 2013 – 29th November 2013

Maidstone Museum, Maidstone



Shards of Hope

Group  exhibition

29th October – 26th November 2013

Guildford Cathedral, Guildford



Combat Stress Group exhibition

August 2012 – September 2012

Mall Gallery

The Mall, London


Artist statement

As much as I respect the skill and patience invested in the painting of still life and landscapes, my hand is compelled to paint the figurative and abstract. I enjoy contorting figures and shapes with the weakness of their, or my, frail humanity. It is the sinewy, skeletal tensions of the lines I wallow in. Full or aspects of torso and shape fascinate me, with its potential for telling hard tales of lost love, indelible grief or shades of madness. Even painting in vivid colour I do not seem to be able to paint joy.

I am a newcomer to painting, I am a prime example of how art can be addictive. I am still learning my craft, my art is raw, evolving. I am still naïve about painting styles and techniques and even more bemused by the jargon and artspeak of Art. But slowly, my paintings are reflecting a maturing voice that does, and will, have something to say to, and about, the world.  

Now that I have found a voice in painting I will not stop talking, I am driven by the need to be listened to even though some are not so happy to hear it: ‘dark, haunting, intense, honest, crude, ugly, unskilled’. These are some of the visitor’s comments recorded in my exhibition’s book. Whatever adjective or invective the paintings have provoked, my work (art brut - raw ugly art, the art of the outsider) incites a response like a good argument should.

I started painting with acrylics ignorant of how limiting it was because of its drying times but I rose to its challenges and learnt to paint frenetically to capture shade, shape and texture. And then I discovered oil. Painting with oils was slower, considered but sensuous with different strokes producing different shades and textures. Then my painting sensation was intensified when I learnt the art of diluting colours with Linseed oil: then the pleasure of painting for me was at times illicit. The chronology of my paintings testify to the potential for subtlety of colour and the nuancy of shading with oils, although frustrating for the desperately impatient like me because of its drying time. Oil has taken my work to another level.

I paint on a large scale because I am confident not arrogant. I have something to say and the world will listen, it has no choice. “Bigger, better, bolder” the voices in my head command and if I had a bigger car to transport my canvases to exhibitions the paintings would grow exponentially.

There are no heroes in life, just ordinary people with extraordinary achievements. Artist Peter Howson is a painter I admire: the honest way he reveals his, our, damaged soul to the world is an inspiration, which encouraged me to be as brave on the canvas. “Bigger, better, bolder!”



Who am I? 

At the insistance of my long suffering partner Elizabeth I eventually presented myself to the Veteran’s Charity, Combat stress, to seek help. It is an organisation set up to help ex-servicemen affected by depression and Post Traumatic Stress caused by their military career.

As art therapy, Combat Stress allowed me to pick up a paintbrush and encouraged me to paint whatever I felt, no matter how ugly or disturbing. Out came the crude and amateurish Sodden with fear, Soft eyes look long and hard and Warrior of time. Troubled, raw and heartfelt work.

Apart from my daughter Sophia, I have never created anything beautiful , or felt so proud as I did of my first paintings. At Combat Stress I had not only created art , but art people wanted to look at. My paintings may be ugly to look at but the viewer can see that the art is sincere, heart sore.

Two of my paintings were entered into separate exhibitions, the Pall Mall Gallery, London and Guildford Cathedral, the compliment alone helping to repair my wounds as much as the intensive therapy that Veterans undergo at the charity.

It is safe to say I owe Combat stress, and Elizabeth, my life. Thank you both.



Thank you too to Mark and Sean. © 2019